Bad Ass Visionary Healers

radical healer babes for liberation connecting radical healers in the Bay Area and beyond

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The BadAss Visionary Healers (aka the Healing Babes for Justice) are a 6-person Bay Area-based collective of radical healers who build connections between radical healers in the Bay Area & beyond. In the thick of healing justice movements building and growing, we want to help weave a web of badass healers for liberation so we can support and learn from each other.

We do this by

  • hosting regular gatherings
  • dinners & educational forums for radical healers
  • nurturing a medicinal herbal & food forest garden in the North Oakland flatlands
  • & creating practice & exchange spaces where radical healers share healing to community members & each other.
  • A lot of this is a work in progress, but we’re excited to keep building and making it happen!

What we believe:

We believe in an anti-colonial framework of healing that centers people of color & Indigenous knowledge, the brilliance of disabled bodies, and is all about the queers; sex positive & critical of professionalism & the fee for service model. We work to build a world beyond the medical industrial complex where healing is not for profit or the control of oppressed bodies, but where we transform the impact of generations of abuse, trauma, violence & oppression into/towards justice & healing.

We also believe in twerking, good food, good sex, disability justice, that fat is flava and that all bodies deserve some radiantly luscious anti-colonial healing.