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“Let’s be like the Wu Tang Clan of Healing Justice!”: Notes from the Second Seasonal Healing Babes Dinner: Money!

Hi intergalactic healing babes!

Here are the notes Marcelo studiously took over our magically delicious 3 hour conversation! There is no way anyone but a team of inspired people could’ve captured everything we got out and chewed over- but here are some high talking points.

Please feel free to comment with resources and tools around class, economic justice, money and healing!

In maximum babehood,

babes money dinner
march 18 2013

some folks are willing to invest in wellness, which is something different
class and talking about money, many different and problematic relationships to it, be mindful with how we talk about it
launching our own practices
sliding scale
5 dollars a week, whatever
the body is not an apology
“sustaining” ourselves
we can support ourselves in this work, for real
promoting “consumption” of wellness
organizing, transformative justice, disability justice
when our practices become our income
retirement plan?
folks come when theyre desperate, so how do we charge in this space?
we are creating other economies

CSA of healintg

fears and doubts around money –
feeling drained, and thinking about how to say stop, more compkicated when we’re charging
“deserving” money- what does that mean when we unpack it? how do our class and other identities affect what we think we can expect? entitlement to money?
what about when we cant do this anymore?
coming from privilege, and how to want to give things away and still pay the bills and survive
unfortunately with capitalism: people respect you more if u charge more, then when its free
collectively, how can we own our own spaces?
personal ethics and money, ie doing sex work while sick, cuz rent is due, etc.
having two different lives, one website for white marin people and another for us
feeling elitist, fuck ya, pay me hella money, ill change ur life.
we should be making as much money as the surgeouns, wtf

doesn’t everyone deserve a basic amount of enough?
how much we ASK for
white cis ablebodied men are used to asking, and they get it
the work we do, is important, should be paid well, but also free!
move beyond anti-money, anti-religion
ask stanford for 4000, community center for much less
asserting what we deserve while being affordable, how to hold this contradiction
if we want to get paid, would WE pay for it
when i meet somebody from scarcity, i perpetuate scarcity
abundance is differerent

poor/working class ideas of abundence
if folks dont pay for us, they pay for other shit that is not good for them sometimes. what do we do with this?
why not ask folks to invest in themselves?
healing is “self care” and therefore “luxury”, we need to move towards healing as a right
who are our clients? who do we outreach to?
being ok w being in debt, how to fuck w creditors
how to learn from folks like yoga to the people, bikram, but transforming their extractive, exploitative practices into ones that are anti classist
$18 for a yoga class? wtf!
models like third root
how to write, play, make art, heal, etc all at once, supporting each others practices to support them all happening
therapist let somebody come for two years and waited to be paid back, how do we do this? learn from this? challenge this?
how is our work perpetuating? challenging? capitalism
target market? we can charge rich folks hella money AND change them, change the system
it is not devoid of my integrity to be myself and charge rich white clients hella money and politicize all of it, our clients
trusting your intuition, with this too
sex work: how much is it “worth”? how as radical sex workers do we think about pricing?
charging more isnt always against our politics
worker owned healing collective
if ur a poet, support other poets, SUPPOrT eAcH oThEr!
how much will what we charge effect the “industry”, other healers rates?
cultural valuing of our work, how does our community perceive us? self-care and economic justice
transcending fee for service: seeing healing as a right
casa de salud in albuquerque, not a free clinic
ebmc – dana principle, of generous giving
many strategies at once
dana on certain days
time banks
accounting and business folks, where they at?
oakland accupuncture project
book – “accupuncture is like noodles”
sliding scale – can be an aversion
let’s be the wu tang of healing justice! they could’ve released 22 solo albums, but instead they released one classic.

making albums together, beyond referrals
chicago womens health center
suggested donation: “whatever you can leave”, anonymously, an envelope at the end of the visit
“from menstrual flow to cash flow” – tamara slayton
a new language around sliding scale – working group?
my fee is X, sliding scale upon request
fixed number, example: sliding scale is 1% of your monthly income
anti-capitalism: is negating what we can learn and leverage from capitalist culture?
“i take big tips”

sliding scale goes up or down

ways to talk about sliding scale from a poor/working class perspective that understands broke people often feel like crap asking for the low end.
economic justice as framework for sliding scale
lolo health care-membership model for healthcare
grassroots fundraising
“order of malta” as clinic
community based healing groups – workshop, class style
pay it forward
gift economy

curanderas healing anyone for what they can afford, in their living rooms.

money magic?
ritual and money
abundance checks on new moons
light attracts light, but also let go of that which does not serve
tithing, a percentage back to your teachers
i.e. random money to random addresses
rituals to practice abundance

we can’t control capitalism, but we can do some fckn magic anyway!

please email with resources and tips