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BadAss Visionary Healer Babes


M’kali-Hashiki has been working to make the world a better place since she was 15 years old, working on the primary for Harold Washington, the first Black mayor of Chicago. She went on to become part of the Black Students’ Association during her high school years at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, and worked with the anti-apartheid divestment movement during her freshman year at Brandeis University. As a working adult, she became a paid activist & organizer working first with the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force (at one time staffing the ground-breaking Fight the Right project; being conference staff for the Creating Change Conference; co-organizing the Progressive People of Color Grassroots Organizers Summit; and being one of the co-coordinators of the nationwide “Undo 2 Day of Action” in response to the Supreme Court’s 1995 ruling on Colorado’s Amendment 2); then at Bromfield Street Educational Foundation as the Conference Director for Outwrite–the national Queer Writers’ Conference; and finally at the Haymarket People’s Fund: the New England social change grantmakers.  She also was the Interim Arts Editor at Sojourner: A Women’s Forum, and a published author & essayist. As an out, proud LeatherDyke of Color, she was one of the co-founders of Lesborados & SAMazons, and co-facilitated workshops on SM, women’s & queer sexualities at conferences & universities in 90s.

After moving to the Bay Area in 2003, M’kali-Hashiki became more interested in the link between sexuality & spirituality, and the importance of Erotic Wellness in a liberationist, holistic life. She currently has a private practice of Erotic Wellness Facilitation, helping others to re/connect with their erotic voice & power. She is strongly guided by Audre Lorde’s essay “The Uses of The Erotic: The Erotic As Power” & believes that in order to maintain itself oppression requires the repression of the erotic.  She sees her work as part of a larger, radical framework for dismantling oppression & cultivating our own inherent power. For more information on her private practice, visit her website:
Hi, I’m Marcelo, and I’m a babe. I work with movements for food and healing justice and ethnic studies. I play music, I write and read poetry, I teach, I garden, I cook, I do research, participate in ceremony, and organize in my communities. I study different medicinas in the traditions of curanderismo (plant and rock medicine, comida, limpias, sobadas), punk rock music and engaged Buddhism. I am currently working on recovering ancestral conocimientos with my familia in Chile, Spain, and in our diaspora. I play guitar and sing with our queer Xican@ punk band, nepantler@s where we offer music to help animar, lift up our comunidad. I came to healing justice work after unsustainable movements, cultures and intellectualism made me sick in mind/body/spirit and meditation and spiritual activism offered alternative ways of being and knowing and practicing (r)evolution. I have only recently started identifying as a medicine person/healer and am hella grateful to the babes and healing justice at large for holding this space to be radical and queer and creative and healing all at once.
I graduated from Pomona College where I pursued Chicanx Latinx studies and focused on Third World Feminist and Indigenous philosophies of love and healing confronting conventionl medicine.  I’ve now embarked on a journey into graduate school at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where I’m continuing to study Third World & Indigenous Feminisms, Queer of Color/Two-Spirit studies, and Disability/Healing Justice within the academy.  I’m also studying conventional medicine as part of the Medical Scholars MD/PhD program.  My home has always and will always be the bay area and BAVH, healing justice, my ancestors, and my communities are the driving force behind my educational pursuits.
Tieraney Carter is a anxiety-prone empath and wizard’s apprentice. She’s been practicing massage therapy for 3 years and offers sliding scale services. She’s also a d.i.y songwriter/recorder who goes by the name Fat Transfer. She moved to the SF Bay Area from the Virginias in 2004 to go to San Francisco State University where she was academically politicized for the first time through the Ethnic Studies department. After burning out on school, she left without graduating. She did, however, graduate M.A.A.P.(The Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program) where she went on to work with Causa Justa/Just Cause for a couple of campaigns. When the campaigns were over she felt terrified by the amount of work it takes to resist capitalism/colonialis but grateful for the folks doing that work. She also felt ashamed of how easily everything burned her out and straight up lost as to where she fit into social justice movement building.That changed when she met Jonah Aline Daniel on okcupid. Jonah introduced her to a bunch of folks who exposed her to Healing and Disability justice which opened her up to types of activism that deeply resonated with her.
Hi, I’m Leah and I’m a babe!  I am also a queer mixed Sri Lankan femme chronically ill/ disabled writer, teacher, intuitive healer and professionally exhausted person who does a lot of community organizing from bed. I’ve done divination through tarot and numerology since I was 19 (18 years!) and come from a family tradition of tough ladies who always knew who was on the phone before it rang.  I have an intuitive counseling practice, Brownstargirl Tarot, and have been honoured to offer intuitive counseling at healing justice practice spaces at CUAV’s Safetyfest and the Allied Media Conference.   I love herbs, urban wildnerness, rural wilderness and wildcrafting, and have been studying how to use all of the above plus rest, care webs and food since I got sick  with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia in 1997.
 For the past five years, I have been grateful to be part of emerging disability justice communities, through my work with Sins Invalid (, a performance incubator creating crip community through performance about sex and disability lead by queer and/or POC disabled folks, and Creating Collective Access, a care web creating collective access for crips and allies at the Allied Media Conference. I believe there can be no healing justice without the transformations disability justice asks of us.  I write, cook, sleep, hang out with the earth, connect with ancestry, hang out on Sick and Disabled Queers and Femmes of Colour: A Transnational Solidarity Group a lot.  I am also the author of the Lambda Award winning Love CakeConsensual Genocide and co-editor of The Revolution Starts At Home: Confronting Intimate Violence in Activist Communities. I co-founded Toronto’s Asian Arts Freedom School and Mangos With Chili, and am proud of the medicine present in both. My favorite herbs are eastern cedar and motherwort.

I am a gender variant, white, jewish, chronically ill, amphibious body worker, energetic herbalist, organizer, candlemaker, anti-zionist, radical, spiritual, intuitive, introvert.I am committed to decolonization, embodiment, consent, radical liberatory Judaism, the ocean, ending capitalism, white supremacy, christian dominance and patriarchy, affordable accessible culturally relevant health and healing, earth and environmental justice, plant communication, growing food and medicine, safety for all bodies, mushrooms, bees, home.I am falling more in love with plants and plant medicine every day, deepening in my respect for the wisdom and power of the body, building herbalism and craniosacral therapy practices, studying somatics and trauma, excavating family history, mapping landscapes of pain and memory, singing, resisting christian hegemony, meditating, remembering dreams, riding my own waves, organizing everything, grieving, reckoning, building home inside my body, surrendering to water, learning how to surf, sweating, shedding skin.

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