Bad Ass Visionary Healers

radical healer babes for liberation connecting radical healers in the Bay Area and beyond

Healing Justice Resources the website of the 2012 Allied Media Conference Healing Justice Practice Space


Healing Justice Resources:

Reflections from Detroit: Transforming Wellness & Wholeness 

a reflection from Cara Page on the INCITE! Blog about our work at the USSF in June 2010

Organizing Upgrade: Just Healing 
An interview with Tanuja Jagernauth on healing justice and movement work:

Health and Healing Justice & Liberation Values Document
This working document of Values reflects our roles as healers and organizers inside our movements and communities and the reflects the framework in how we do our work. This document has been created by a collective process of over 200 people through 3 main evolutions (before, during and after the US Social Forum 2010) and is still growing.

Health and Healing Justice Organizing Principles
This document was generated for organizing towards the USSF 2010 Health and Healing Justice & Liberation Practice Space and People’s Movement Assembly


Disability Justice Resources:  (check the trainings under “about”, and also all our amazing videos and text)


Event Access Notes 101: How to Make  A Space Accessible for Disabled folks, Sick folks, Parents, Broke Folks, and Youth:


List of Rentable Spaces in Bay Area With Notes About Accessibility:


Fragrance Free Is Love (It’s also Badass, Cheap and Easier Than You Think, and Important)

3 Steps to Organizing a Fragrance-Free Event (PDF) by Basil Shadid (from

10 Tips on Becoming Chemical Free (PDF) (from

MCS Accessibility Basics (PDF)
by billie rain (from

Making Space Accessible is an Act of Love for Our Communities
by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Fragrance-Free Femme of Colour Realness (great article that also includes excellent resources and product reviews)
by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha


Herbal Strategies for Tear Gas Resilience:

Recent articles about healing justice, collective care,  disability justice, femmephobia, classism, access,  in response to b. loewe’s article “an end to self care”   Dori Midnight on healing that’s accessible and grassroots  my beautiful friend Aaron on class, cripness, parenting and so much else  <3sprinkles on being a crip on state disability, time, energy and organizing   Subhash on the importance of not being a 25 year old organizer dying of overwork  my beauitful, beautiful friend Bruin writing about what happens when being a burnout activist makes you sick, and then  the community doesn’t show up to go to your doctor’s appointments with you.
Adrienne Maree Brown nails it, as always.  amazing post about mental health and martyrdom.

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