Bad Ass Visionary Healers

radical healer babes for liberation connecting radical healers in the Bay Area and beyond


Our Lineage

We want to honor and acknowledge those whose work has contributed to our
understandings of the movement and our role in it. They have helped develop
language and thought that provides political clarity and a framework for our work
as activists in the spaces between healing, radical politics and (eh). These are shout-
outs, axés, ofrendas, to honor those who have carried the traditions of our various
healing practices.

Audre Lorde
Gloria Anzaldúa
Octavia Butler
Chester Mainard
Thích Nhất Hạnh
Aurora Levins Morales (hyperlink to her website?)
Karyn Sanders
Sarah Holmes
Cohambee River Collective
Doña Felipa Sanchez
Doña Doris Ortiz Nava
Doña Estela Roman
Andrea Smith
Ana Hicks
Detroit, US Social Forum 2010 Healing Justice Organizers (hyperlink to materials)
Allied Media Conference Healing Justice Track (hyperlink for amc)
Grace Lee Boggs
Laura Pérez
Pat Parker
Sins Invalid
The psychiatric survivor movement
Stacey Milbern
Anne Finger
Leroy Moore
Patty Berne
The disability justice movement
Creating Collective Access
Generation 5
radical survivor movements

(This is a living list. More to be added)

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