Bad Ass Visionary Healers

radical healer babes for liberation connecting radical healers in the Bay Area and beyond

Upcoming Events

HUHA for Healing Justice (Daylong Community Healing Space & Fundraiser)
Date: Sunday, June 2, 2013
Time: 12:00am until 5:00pm.
Location: Oakland SOL, 1236 23rd Avenue between International Blvd. and East 12th Street, Oakland CA

The Healing Babes Of Justice (aka BadAss Visionary Healers, aka The Babes) are hosting a day of community-oriented healing sessions with our beautiful network of Bay Area radical healers! This day will be a chance to offer a space to heal for our communities, through affordable, accessible and holistic medicine practices, as well as a way for us to raise funds for our work this summer at the Allied Media Conference.

This summer The Babes are headed to the Allied Media Conference [] & The Healing Together Network Gathering []. We have set up the Healers United For Holistic Action Fund (The HUHA Fund) in order to make it possible for us to get out there!

Most of the Core Babes will be offering healing sessions with all of the proceeds going to the HUHA Fund. There will also be other healers offering sessions that day with a portion of their proceeds being donated to the HUHA Fund (percentages dependent on individual healers).

The Babes have been building relationships among radical healers in the Bay Area over the past 2 years; primarily through convening dinners, and educational forums. We strongly believe that attending the AMC & The Healing Together Network Gathering strengthens us as a collective & keeps our shit hella tight when it comes to carrying out our work.

The Healing Together Network Gathering takes place the day before the Allied Media Conference. The mission of the HTNG is to explore and strengthen the work that happens at the intersections of health, healing, media and organizing.

The Healers offering sessions that day are:

Marcelo Garzo: Limpias (Cleansing Ceremony), Sobadas (Body/energy work)
Tieraney Carter: Bodywork
Leah Lakshmi Piepnza-Samarahinsa: Tarot readings
M’kali-Hashiki: Group Erotic Breathwork Session

Other Healers TBA (Watch This Space!)

We prefer to have folx pre-schedule a session with their healer, but there will be some day-of slots available.

Please RSVP and schedule a session with your preferred healer by May 28th by emailing

Access info: SOL’s main space is wheelchair accessible. The bathroom is not. So that beloved community members and healers can be present, please come fragrance free. SOL is approx .8 miles from Fruitvale BART.

Can’t make it? Paypal us any level of donation to, marked as “personal!” Cute fundraising video featuring sock puppets to come! 


Second Seasonal Badass Visionary Healers Dinner: Money! Monday, March 18

Hey Ya’ll Radical Healers!♥

We want to invite you to the 2nd Bad Ass Visionary Healers pot luck and conversation Gathering. The topic this time is money. What the hell are we supposed to do with this stuff?! Like, how do we ask our clients, friends, lovers, family for payment that allows us to thrive as healers and still be accessible to our broke Queer and Trans POC Disabled communities? How do we deal with the pressure or feelings of spiritual/ethical obligation to provide our services for free? How do we create sustainable alternatives to the fee-for-service system? How do we honor and assert our payment/exchange/money boundaries? Come share skills that have helped you get paid in ways that feel good. Let’s eat delicious food and do some important visioning together around this super challenging subject.

Date: Monday, March 18th
Time: 6:30 to eat, 7:30 to talk!
Location: Casa Ma(i)ze, 873 Aileen St, Oakland CA

Please let us know if you have any access needs in order to attend this event. Our usual meeting space is up a flight of 12 stairs, but if this is a barrier, we can move it to the ground floor, which has one step and can be ramped. Please come fragrance-free so that folks with chemical illness/injury can attend without getting sick. ( is a good resource to learn more, but at the very least, coming without wearing perfume/cologne/essential oils and using unscented detergent is great.) If you’re unable to join our meeting in person, you can get in on the conversation via google plus- message us for info.

This is a potluck- we’re going to cook (menu forthcoming) but please bring a dish to share!

PLEASE RSVP so we can know how many to cook for and what dietary needs folks have. Write us at

November 11, 2012

Are you an intuitive? Do you practice tarot, divination, intuitive healing/counseling, or just use your spidey sense in your work? Come talk about what it’s like to know what everyone’s going to say before they say it, emotional cleansing and boundaries, feeling overwhelmed, using our gifts accountably and responsibly, our lineages, dating while intuitive and intuition as a tool for community organizing!

Come to our second healer’s gathering and potluck! Please bring a dish <3. The conversation topic is “Radical Intuitives: Beyond Woo Woo.”

WHEN: Monday December 3rd at 6p.

WHERE: Casa Ma(i)ze, 873 Aileen St in Oakland.

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